EcoAdapt Project Publications


The Ecoadapt Project is a research-action initiative taking place within three Latin American Model Forests; Chiquitano MF in Bolivia, Araucarias Altos de Malleco MF in Chile and Jujuy MF in Argentina. Ecoadapt seeks to influences water management process that support local development and reduce human population climate change vulnerability through building capacities, knowledge sharing, the prevention and mitigation of conflicts and promoting collaboration amongst key local and national actors. This project has been financed by the 7th Research and Development Program of the European Commission.

As the project comes to a close, they have published articles in order to share their results and experiences.

Creating and Share New Knowledge through Joint Learning on Water Governance and Climate Change Adaptation in Three Latin American Model Forests: The EcoAdapt Case.

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A full list of their publications can be found here. 


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