Towards a Model Forest Proposal in Santiago del Estero, Argentina


BM Propuesta ArgentinaThe National Model Forest Program of the Argentinian Environment and Sustainable Development Secretariat, met in Añatuya, Santiago del Estero Province, with the leaders of the Peasants Land Zone Roundtable (MEZAT), the Institute of Popular Culture (INCUPO), Chaco Agroforestry Network (REDAF) and the National University of Santiago del Estero (UNSE). The visit was organized by these organizations, who are developing a Model Forest proposal in the territory. After the meeting, the visitors took part in a field trip and visited the farm of Mr. Sixto Bravo.

The coordinator of the National Model Forest Program, Dr. Mónica Gabay, was impressed with the visit Santiago, furthermore she congratulated INCUPO and MEZAT on the wonderful initiative and work being done together. Javier Coast INCUPO said “I think it’s important to work jointly throughout this process, and work jointly towards a common goal to preserve natural forests that includes valuing peasants and their way of life.”


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