Volunteering and Internships

If you are a student and you are in the final stage of your studies, we invite you to consider joining us for your university community project. Model Forests and the RIABM management team receive interns and volunteers every year. These volunteers support our network during different time periods (3 to 6 months on average), from their field of expertise.

The RIABM collaborates with CUSO International to provide Model Forests with volunteer cooperants. The network receives with enthusiasm the applications of people and organizations interested in developing an internship or volunteer work in a Model Forest or in the RIABM management team.

For more information, please contact the RIABM management team.

 Voluntarios CUSO colaborando con los Bosques Modelo y la RIABM. Bolivia, 2011.

Cuso International volunteers collaborating with Model Forests and the RIABM. Bolivia, 2011.

Cooperantes de Cuso International for the RIABM Management Team, February 2014

Cuso International volunteers workling with the RIABM Management Team. Costa Rica, February 2014