Cachapoal Model Forest Supports Small Environmentally Conscious Entrepreneurs

BM cachapoal feria

Fair in Las Cabras, Nov 5th 2015

Cachapoal Model Forest is located in Chile, in the O’Higgins region, specifically in the municipalities of Doñihue, Coltauco and Las Cabras. Among the many activities and projects developed by the program, in 2008 the Model Forest implemented a Competitive Fund which aimed to provide financing to small producers and entrepreneurs that relate to environmental protection and sustainability. This fund, called “The Fund for Productive and Environmental Initiatives”, has provided approximately 205,800 USD to small entrepreneurs in the territory, half of which was provided through project grants, and the other by local municipalities. Since 2008 the Fund has supported over 200 initiatives, including 27 in 2015 alone.

The Fund has created opportunities for small entrepreneurs within the territory, and to highlight its success, this year Cachapoal Model Forest put on the first series Productive and Environmental Initiatives Fair in the municipalities of Doñihue, Coltauco and Las Cabras. In total 15 events were held, reaching out to over 250 people.

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November 19th 2015, marked the last Productive and Environmental Initiatives Fair of 2015

Thank you to everyone who has made this initiative possible, we hope to continue down this path, supporting local people within the Model Forest.

Written By: Cristian Bonnemaison, Cachapoal Model Forest Manager



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